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Axiem Participates in the 40th NCBFAA Annual Conference



Axiem Corporation will be participating in the 40th NCBFAA Annual Conference this coming April 6 to 9 at Red Rock, Summerlin, Nevada. In attendance are Maryann Farrugia (Sales and Managing Director), Joy Siemens (US Sales Manager) and Mylyn Ferido-Magpantay (Operations Manager - Manila) who will be representing the company for this important event.

This participation is in line with Axiem's goal of expanding its operation to a global scale. The company is persistent in its vision of providing the best business process outsourcing solutions that would help industries such as customs brokers and freight forwarders to reduce costs dramatically yet still achieve high productivity. "I am excited to attend this conference. This basically materializes our goal of reaching out and extending our hands to these industries that need our cost-effective services," Mylyn said.


The National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA) is composed of over 940 companies that are involved in international trade operations. It represents customs brokers, freight forwarders, ocean transportation intermediaries (OTIs), air cargo agents and NVOCCs. Since 1897, it has been the voice of the industry in fostering and updating its members on the legislative and regulatory issues that they have been facing throughout the years.

The 40th NCBFAA Annual Conference

This conference is entitled "Navigating the New Logistics Dashboard." It focuses on updating each member of the Association on the available industry developments that can be infused to their advantage. It will be attended by over 600 representatives from different international trading companies in the United States, including our very own, Axiem Corporation. Also, it is a timely event to renew old vows and catch up with colleagues and friends in the industry.

"Aside from learning and being updated on the current happenings in the industry, we are also here to introduce our company and services to potential clients. We want to emphasize to them that we know how to overcome current industry challenges through our business process outsourcing solutions," Mylyn added.

Together with Maryann and Joy, Mylyn sees this event as an opportunity to voice out to these industries that they can achieve greater efficiency with our outsourcing services. Anticipating a successful participation, the company perceives that this is just a start of many more company event and conference participations in line with Axiem's drive to establish and sustain its global market presence.

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